Thursday, January 14, 2010

Form 5 IR (2010) : Exercise - Friday 16 Jan 2010

1 (Prk).

As an ICT student, you are given a task to develop a multimedia project. In order to do this project, you need some hardware and editing software.

(a) List two examples of hardware needed to develop a multimedia production.

2. (Prk)

An Audio-Visual Room has been equipped with 10 computers and a hub. As an ICT coordinator, you are required to set up a small network in the room.

a) Based on the situation given above, suggest a suitable topology and give one of its advantages.

b) Give two advantages of using a networking rather than a stand-alone pc.

c) Define Extranet.

3. (Phg)

Steven uses his computer daily. Lately he faces some system problem. Some of his files keep on duplicating itself. It is probably caused by viruses. In order to solve this problem, he needs to install an antivirus software.

a. What is an antivirus software?

b. Give ONE example of antivirus software.

c. State TWO effects if a computer is infected by viruses other than the one mentioned above.

d. Suggest TWO ways to prevent a computer from being infected by viruses?

4. (Kdh)

Ahmadi is setting up a network in computer lab as shown in.

a. List two devices needed to set up the computer network.

b. Give the usages of a straight cable and a crossed cable.