Thursday, February 5, 2009

Form5 : Exercise (b07ked)

Attention to all students Form 5ik1 and 5ik2..
Answer all question in A4 paper, pass up on Monday 9Feb09 before 11am. State name, class and date.

1. Operating System(OS) is a set of program that schedules tasks, allocates storage and presents a default interface to the user between applications.
List 3 examples of Operating System.

2. Give one example of low-level programming language.

3. Ahmadi is setting up a network in computer lab. List two devices needed to set up the computer network.

4. Give the usages of a straight cable and a crossed cable.

5. Adam works as a manager in a finance company. He was asked to send a top secret report to Maria in another branch. Adam asked Lina to send this report. When Lina tries to read the report she found out that the report has been encrypted.
i. Why does Adam encrypt the report?
ii. What is the term given to the encrypted text in the report?
iii. What do Adam and Maria need to have in order to create and read the report?