Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Question : Area 3 (Comp Nw & Comm)

Q1 : State the meaning of www

Q2 : State the benifits of internet besides online banking

Q3 : Clarify two advantages of on-line banking services

Q4 : Explain two effects of hacking on the bank that provides the on-line services.

Answer :
Q1 : is a collection of web pages containing information and linked to each other (hyperlink)

Q2 : i) on-line learning
ii) communication
iii) on-line shopping
iv) entertainment
v) ol-line business
vi) exchange file / information

Q3 : i) Saves time because clients can transfer money and pay bills without living home / going to the bank
ii) It is easier because clients dont't have to queue in the bank
iii) Save transportation costs because clients can get the bank services at home

Q4 : i) Data can become unreliable because hackers might change / modify the data
ii) data may be lost because hackers might delete / modify the data
iii) services are interrupted because time is needed to recover the lost data.