Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Questions : Area 5 (Programming) - 29 okt 09

Questions 1 :

Every year, Puan Jamilah, the Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum SMK Sungai Sala, has to prepare a report of the co-curriculum membership according to each class. She has problems in collecting and processing data such as name, identity card number, school registration number, class, society, sport/games and uniform unit.

The students can also change their society and sport/games membership every year. Thus, Puan Jamilah has to double-check manually the latest membership of each student in order to produce a valid report

Task : Discuss what the project is about and do the following steps to help Puan
Jamilah to prepare a report

a) Suggest a suitable title for this project
b) State your reason
c) Identifying project requirements - List all the data that you have identified from the above situation
d) Classifying project requirements. Fill in the field names and relevant data in the table

Question 2 :
What are the 2 methods that executed program in programming and explain briefly.

Question 3 :
Explain two importance of programming language

Question 4 :
What do you understand about coding ?

Question 5 :
State two importance of documentation in a program.

Answers :
Question 2 :
answer : i)compilation (pengkompilan) - process to translate the whole program before execution.
ii)interpretation (pentafsiran) - process to translate and execute the program source code line by line.

Question 3 :
answer : i) as a comm language between human and computer
ii) to solve problems
iii) as a language that instruct the comp in executing daily task

Question 4 :
answer : translating a solution algorithm into a programming language and than typing the programming language code into the computer.

Question 5 :
Answer : i) for maintenance purposes
ii) for editing / upgrading program specification
iii) easier to the programmer to find out the programming error
iv) helps programmer to understand the system flow in the program
v) reduces the amount of time a new programmer spends learning about existing programs
vi) helps the programmer to check variable, subroutine or function that cause logic or syntax errors.